4315.jpgAcu-Rite Quadra-Chek 100


4316.jpgAcu-Rite DRO 100



4316B.jpgAcu-Rite Quadra-Chek 220 micro-processor




Quadra-Check 4200 PC based interface system



GENX Model 4315

Acu-Rite Quadra-Chek 100 dual axis DRO - LCD display, absolute and incremental datum, instant inch/mm conversion, RS-232, linear error compensation, date/time stamp, remote keypad and footswitch comptable, sound feedback.

GENX Model 4316

Acu-Rite DRO 100 DRO.  Linear error compensation, reversible axis direction, absolute/incremental modes, inch/mm, radius/diameter conversion, zero set.

GENX Model 4316B

Acu-rite Quadra-Chek 220 micro-processor DRO.  LCD display, radius/diameter measurement, angles & vertex, point to point distance, minimum/maximum distance between features, polar/cartesian measurement, incremental/absolute modes, RS-232, program storage, date/time stamp, linear error compensation, keypad & footswitch compatable, graphic display of measured features, geometric tolerancing, inch/mm, sound feedback.

GENX Model 4317B (as pictured on our home page)

Same as Model 4316B plus fiber optic edge detection.

GENX model 4318B

Acu-Rite Quadra-Chek 4200 PC.  Self programming, full geometric tolerancing, CAD interface, zoom in/out, color coded pass/fail, form indication, linear error correction, unlimited feature storage, polar/cartesion coordinates, data export, inc/mm conversion, group tolerance, full part programming, skew/datum command, axis presets, feature creation, mouse driven w/pulldown menus, up to 100 points allowable per feature, data export, real-time SPC, part view printout.

GENX Model 4319B

Same as 4318B plus fiber optic edge detection.